Day 10 - Break Day + Camp Joyful Voices = Everything is Awesome!!!

Break Day marks the middle of Camp for Concert Choir and Ensemble!!!! Choristers got to sleep in a whole extra thirty minutes this morning, before rolling out of their beds to a pancake breakfast at 8:30 in their pajamas (in theme with the spirit day of today- pajama day!) followed by the usual camp warmup led by Mr. Brown. After warmups, the campers went straight to rehearsal until 12 when they headed to lunch. After lunch was spirit day judging, where cabins showed off their sleep-themed outfits, sporting pajamas, sleep masks, robes, and even curling up in sleeping bags outside on the patio. 

Following spirit-judging, campers quickly went back to their cabins to change into clothes appropriate for the afternoon activities. For their afternoon activity, some chose to splash around in the creek, while others opted for a longer hike, and the rest remained behind at arts and crafts working on friendship bracelets, lanyards, and henna. After 2:30, the three groups arrived at various times to the pond where they swam, boated, and/or continued working on various arts and crafts projects. When campers returned from the pond, they all took showers during “hour of shower,” and hung out in their cabins until dinner. No evening rehearsal today meant time for movie night!! Campers hauled sleeping bags and pillows into Maple where “The LEGO Movie” was shown and enjoyed with popcorn. 

What made today particularly exciting was the arrival of camp Joyful Voices!! The Training department camp made it to Walker Creek Ranch while CC and Ensemble were in their morning rehearsals. The bus was greeted by all the counselors, CITs as well as the wonderful Anne Daniel- who conducts the kinder department and GT1 during the school year, and who will be conducting Camp Joyful Voices. After Camp Joyful Voices moved into Cabin Eucalyptus, they played some fun musical get-to-know-you games, as well as completed med checks with the illustrious Dr. Greg, before meeting up with the rest of camp at Turtle Pond for swim checks. Camp Joyful Voices then joined CC and Ensemble in participating in hour of shower, dinner, and movie night.

After a quite exhausting break day, the children collapsed into their beds early, dreaming of all the musical adventures they have had so far at camp.


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Beth Beauchamp