Day 11 - We Got it (an Opera) in the Bag!

After a restful night's sleep of recuperation from Break Day yesterday, campers awoke this morning ready to return to our regular choir camp schedule. Breakfast at 8:00 preceded 15-minute Warm Ups with Mr. Brown, after which campers went to their theory classes. In "Chill Dude Theory," (a name chosen by campers last year!) one of six classes staff are teaching, children solidified their knowledge of dotted notes, practiced rhythmic dictation, and learned about sharp key signatures. Before a lunch of tacos, Concert Choir and Ensemble had their first rehearsals of the day. Mr. Brown noted that despite the expected Break Day-tiredness, CC singers put in a lot of energy and sang very well. Rest Period today, which is a daily tradition of silent time in beds after lunch, was "mandatory rest." This means that campers had to try to take a nap during the hour so that everyone could put in their best effort throughout the rest of the day. Singers participated in bookmark making, the Arts and Crafts activity of the day, and additonally took this time to make cards for each other and their families. Managing their own schedules, they also balanced pond time with voice lessons and sectional practices. Training Department camp, Camp Joyful Voices, had lots of fun today playing games with their wonderful leader Miss Anne and going up to the pond. Their counselors danced and broke into song with them on the walk over, and they took full advantage of the boats and other water activities available. After free time, recital was an exceptional display of staff and camper talent alike. Among these acts were four counselors who performed Maestro Eric Tuan's lovely arrangement of the traditional folk song "Shenandoah." Dinner was fetuccine alfredo with brownies for dessert, and then campers headed off for their second and final rehearsal of the day. Around 8pm both CC and Ensemble gathered for the nightly activity, Opera in a Bag. This camp tradition is a ridiculously silly opportunity for singers to not only engage their creativity, but to mingle with their fellow campers! The rules of the game are as follows: all children are divided into six groups and sent off to different locations that contain sundry props pre-chosen (with utter mirth!) by counselors - some fun ones included hula hoops, a plastic bin lid, the book Gulliver's Travels, and various crazy stage costumes. Each group had 20 minutes to incorporate each prop into a short operatic skit. Every camper must have a role in each of these performances, all dialogue must be sung or chanted, and they must also incoporate two of four phrases: friendship bracelet, whimsical, bridge troll, and/or Dr. Greg. The end result were six unique mini-operas, full of last minute improvisations, giggles, and much audience appreciation. Camp Joyful Voices had their own enjoyable game of "Red Light/Green Light" with their CITs, and successfully made it through their first full day of camp! Upon concluding the nightly fun, content campers drifted off to their cabins for another night's sleep to bring in a new day of music and laughter.


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Beth Beauchamp