Day 12 - Olympic Ovations

The morning rose foggy and cold today at Walker Creek Ranch with the children slowly creeping in to breakfast at 8 AM for a breakfast of French Toast, yogurt, bananas, and more yummy delights. After sleepy bites of food, the singers were awakened with voice professor Theresa’s enthralling warm up, moving around in the space and musically! In one of the theory classes called “Theory Thunder” taught by counselors, choristers worked on the difficult task of dictation, listening to songs and putting the solfege on the scale. It seemed difficult but they were successful, even figuring out the solfege to the iconic Star Wars theme song! Then they were off to rehearsals. Concert Choir led by Andrew Brown practiced the repertoire for the year including some songs a bit chilly for the summertime like Waltz of the Snowflakes for their future performance with the Oakland Ballet and Carol of the Bells in its native Ukrainian for the fall/winter performances. Ensemble led by Eric Tuan reawakened its love for Estonia, and worked intently on music by Veljo Tormis. These learning filled rehearsals were followed by a yummy lunch of do-it-yourself sandwiches with options like Tuna Salad or Turkey followed by potato chips. Today we had the joy of having a spirit day, camp was filled with hues as today was color day. Campers joined together with their cabins and posed for the judges in their various colors adding further themes to them like emotion colors and more. This was followed by another mandatory rest during rest period, making sure that the children stay happy and healthy throughout their entire time at camp. Ensemble had sectional voice lessons with Dr. Laura Storm today as well as their various private lessons as well as some Concert Choir third years or “mentos.” Arts and Crafts was a blast as kids cut, beaded, and drew on T-Shirts, personalizing them in any way they desired, and of course friendship bracelets and lanyards. Kids headed to the lake for some swimming with friends as the weather was warmer and the winds were calmer. Concert choir campers enjoyed going canoeing and singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, keeping their tempo with each row! Camp Joyful Voices had the fun activity of the traditional Creek walk, walking with their counselors along the creek, jumping around in the water, skipping rocks, building dams, and more! Camper Ellena found the most perfect skipping stone that she was proud of which she kept for another perfect skipping rock day. After free time, campers enjoyed a delightful batch of performances at Recital. Camp Joyful Voices opened the show with a song about trumpets, clarinets, and drums, each camper imitating the instrument in harmony. This was followed by a brand new feature of Recital, poetry readings. Camper Larissa Edel read three poems she wrote herself for a very enthusiastic and supportive snapping audience. Camper Ellie Broscow sang a personal favorite song called “Leaving on a Jet Plane” to the delight of the whole camp. This was followed by Counselors Emily Gollub and Emily Szerdy performing pieces they had worked on for a long time. Then the winners for spirit day were announced:

1st. Cabin Fox

2nd. Cabin Condor  

3rd. Cabin Raccoon

Honorable Mention: Cabin Eagle

The campers were dismissed to a dinner of delicious meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad, and bread rolls. They chatted about various camp activities and giggled about their fun experiences. Evening rehearsal followed with Concert Choir working on the National Anthem, the traditional song No Time, and sight sang a new Irish Folk Song while Ensemble worked on Carmina Burana. After progress filled rehearsals, the campers headed to Cabin Maple to get the instructions for their night time activity: Choir Olympics! They headed in groups divided by their singing sections to each different Olympic Room. They enjoyed jumping from Encore, a game where they are given a word and must come up with as many songs as they can in one minute, to Charades, Conceal the Bandana, and the Choir Relay where campers had to answer choral related questions in ten minutes. In the end the campers met in the Muir Room and… The Soprano 1 section won first place! Camp Joyful Voices enjoyed playing One Fish Two Fish followed by a reading of A Wrinkle in Time. After celebrations from the fun evening, campers headed to bed to the sounds of their counselor’s night time melodies.


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Beth Beauchamp