Day 15 - Last Full Day of Camp

Today was the last full day of camp!! Campers followed the regular routine one last time, walking to breakfast at 8:30 then onto a lively warm up in Maple led by Tim. The counselors of the winning cabins from last night’s Project Funway had to eat breakfast and teach theory in outfits designed by their campers. Counselors Tate, Lucy, Rachel, and Emily of cabins Fox, Eagle, Condor, and Quail sported many layers of tutus, silly hats, makeup, and other ridiculous accessories making Emily and Rachel’s shared theory class a particularly hilarious one. During their last theory class, all campers received a brand new theory book which they will be able to work on during the year! After theory, campers went to rehearsal followed by lunch and rest period. 

Today was the last chance for campers to swim at Turtle Pond, start any friendship bracelets, lanyards, and any other arts and crafts projects they did not get to earlier in the week. On the patio by arts and crafts many campers had fun being sorted into Hogwarts Houses. Campers bonded over their mutual appreciation for the beloved book series sharing Harry Potter trivia and discussing various books with great enthusiasm. 

While Concert Choir and Ensemble enjoyed their free time,  Camp Joyful Voices got the chance to walk through Walker Creek’s very own garden. They got to see how different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers grow. They even got to see where all the compost from breakfast, lunch, and dinner goes! When they were finished with the garden tour, training department headed to arts and crafts where many enjoyed finger knitting scarves.

Camp’s final recital was yet again filled up by all student performers from Ensemble including Alexa Borden, Julia Manese, Kailamae, Malia Stone, Zia, and Gulzar. After a truly wonderful performance, singers went to dinner and then to their evening rehearsals. Concert choir got a treat at the end of their rehearsal- Mr. Brown took them on a lovely evening walk to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds us here at Walker Creek Ranch one last time. 

The closing campfire happened right after rehearsal. Campers gathered to sing songs, eat s’mores and throw a chip in the fire as they shared something memorable about camp, or something they are looking forward to in the coming choir-year. Voice Teacher Laura led concert choir in a version of “Aroostashaw” that taught good singing posture, a theory class taught a lovely campfire song that they wrote themselves (!!), and Larissa shared a touching poem she wrote about the end of camp. The campfire ended with a camp favorite song “Come Along” and after a brief moment of stargazing, the campers returned to their cabins for a final night at camp. 

Alice Del Simone