Day 4: Camp is Growing!

Today started off with a lovely breakfast of french toast with mixed berry compote (and of course, the usual additional selection of fresh fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, and cereal). Following breakfast, Assistant Conductor and counselor Tim led a lively warm up, which involved plenty of movement and active breathing. Warm-ups were followed by Theory Class, and then the usual morning rehearsal. During rehearsal, our final four Ecco Campers arrived! We are especially excited ot have them join us at camp, as this will be their first year in The Piedmont Choirs. The counselors gave them a wam welcome, showed them to the cabin, and then took them to rehearsal. Conductor Eric did an excellent job of incorporating them into the rehearsal, starting with a few group ice breakers. 

Rehearsal was followed by lunch of chicken sandwiches (or veggie patties), and another yummy salad bar. Some of the campers got particularly excited about the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies - the number of which some of them ate definitely did not help them sleep during the rest period that followed! During free time today, some of the boys enjoyed playing Ping Pong on the table they found and set up outside of our rehearsal room. Other campers had fun giving each other Henna tattoos, while others went to the lake for more swimming and boating. Our three new boy campers ambitiously took the 3-person canoe out on the water, successfully battling the wind!

Free time was followed by a lovely recital. Our two voice teachers kicked off the show, followed by campers Gina and Mia who did a beautiful duet they had prepared for this year's Jazz and Beyond concert. Eric played a piece on the piano by Messiaen. Finally, new Ecco student Jonah, who has plenty of impressive experience in musical theater, did a fantastic performance of Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered, which, he told us, he had grown interested in after hearing a rendition of the song by Ella Fitzgerald. We were all so impressed that he was so enthusiastic about performing on his first night ever at camp!

Dinner tonight was lasagna, and we were all thrilled to see that the salad had edible flowers! The Concert Choir and Ensemble counselors, in addition to crowd favorite Dr. Greg and Concert Choir Conductor Dr. Brown had come up earlier in the day, so the more complete staff all enjoyed catching up over dinner. Sue also arrived during dinner, and we are all really looking forward to having her be a part of camp!

Following evening rehearsal, the newly arrived counselors led the evening activity. Each counselor adopted two Ecco singers, and the three together decorated their cabin for the new campers. We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Concert Choir and Ensemble campers, who will come up in time for lunch tomorrow!


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Beth Beauchamp