Day 9: Alumni Day and the Choir Camp Dance!

Today was a busy and fulfilling day for our campers! After a breakfast of biscuits, oatmeal, fruit, and eggs, campers trekked up to warm-ups in Maple lead by voice teacher Audrey. Next followed theory and rehearsal per usual. Ensemble continued rehearsing their new David Lang piece and preparing for their Carmina Burana performances later this summer. Concert Choir received their Mentee-Mentor assignments, which were also highly anticipated. Lunch was a yummy combination of baked potatoes, chili, fruit, and salad. Today we welcomed many alumni from all throughout the choir’s history, from a founding member of the Choirs to recent Ensemble graduates. After four full days of camp for Concert Choir and Ensemble, many fell asleep during rest period today :-) At free time, campers made paper flowers at arts and craft, which they could then wear later in the evening. Always a highly anticipated activity, tonight’s evening activity was the choir camp dance! Tutus, clown noses, and wacky costumes were a hit in the barn which was adorned with a smoke machine, lasers, and a disco ball. While most campers danced and sang along, a solid cohort of campers played “apples to apples” at the picnic tables outside the barn while others read books and chatted. The dance ended with the traditional last song “Bohemian Rhapsody”, complete with exaggerated dancing, singing, and pantomiming of the lyrics. Tired out from all the dancing, campers and staff alike are excited to sleep-in tomorrow because it is break day!


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Beth Beauchamp