Girls Training 2 (GT2),  a class that builds on the students' musical foundation through more challenging repertoire, language, and theory. Students advancing to GT2  must be able to match pitches and sing in tune but no previous experience is necessary to be part of this uplifting choir!

Conductor: Naomi Braun

Level: Girls - Grades 2 - 5

2019-20 Schedule:

Tuesdays, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Piedmont Veterans’ Memorial Building
401 Highland Avenue

Classes begin the first week of September.

In Girls Training 2, students will:

  • Begin working on singing in 2 parts

  • Are introduced to theory and will use a theory workbook

  • Learn to read a more complex vocal score

  • Begin to learn written and aural concepts of melody, harmony, and intervals

  • Will learn challenging and fun repertoire including folk songs, spirituals, musicals and art songs.

  • Perform in two recitals and at least two major concerts each season