Girls Training 4 (GT4) is the most skilled girls choir in the Training Department. Girls have had rigorous theory training and challenging repertoire to learn. Now, they enter intense musical study, more challenging theory, and are being groomed through musicianship, etiquette, and team building to be successful when moving into the Performing Department Choirs.

Conductor: Nancy Linford

Level: Girls - Grades 4 -7

2019-20 Schedule:

Tuesdays, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Piedmont Middle School, Small Band Room 503
740 Magnolia Avenue

Classes begin the first week of September.

In this upper level choir, girls in GT4 will:

  • Study melodic sequence, intervals, and more advanced theory elements

  • Perform more challenging and sophisticated repertoire in 2 - 3 vocal parts

  • Perform works in foreign languages

  • Practice good vocal technique and further establish good choral singing habits

  • Participate in Walker Creek Intensive and participate in team-building exercises

  • Performs in two recitals and at least two major concerts each season

  • May collaborate on new commissions and other projects as they become ready