Concert Choir

Concert Choir (CC) the entry level of our Performing Department, is a remarkably accomplished group of singers who have studied music for 3-5 years.  CC sings 3 part music and under the expert tutelage of their conductor Andrew Brown members refine their knowledge and sight singing skills in a powerful 2 year curriculum cycle.  In CC, singers begin a more inspired and serious exploration of music.  CC tours annually and appears on demand as a guest choir.
Boys and Girls
Grades 5 - 8, by audition
Tuesdays AND Thursdays, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Piedmont Middle School
Big Band Room 501
740 Magnolia Ave
Concert Choir offers the singer:
  • More sophisticated music in 3 through 6 part harmony.
  • Music in the Baroque through 20th Century Styles
  • More complex training focusing on key signatures, harmonic minor scales, interval training, transposition between mode scales and rhythmic comprehension
  • Approximately 10 -12 performances per season at various events
  • Choir Summer Camp at Walker Creek Ranch
  • A national tour each season
  • Necessary skills to successfully audition for Ensemble