Sing With Us!

The Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir attracts boys and girls ages 4-18 from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and over 100 schools in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco and Solano counties. 






Preschool to Kindergarten age, Kinder Choirs offer a child's first exposure to choral music in a friendly, nurturing and playful environment!


Young children benefit from music training in innumerable ways. It is never too early to provide opportunities for children to explore their own creativity, and music training can assist a child in developing language and analytical skills. Our teaching methods are closely linked to the developmental stages of the growing mind, and a choir is the perfect opportunity for a youngster to learn to navigate a social group in a shared activity with a common goal.

Pre-KinderChoir (ages 4-5 and in preschool) and KinderChoir (ages 5-6 and in Kindergarten)Each class meets weekly for fifty minutes. Pre-KinderChoir sections are limited to 10 students and KinderChoir sections are limited to 12 students. Each class offers an Family & Friends Recital at the end of each semester. These classes tend to fill up quickly, so pre-registration is a must.



For Grades 1 and up, the Training Department introduces intermediate music skills including sight reading, ear training, breath control, vowel formation, diction, music theory, and beginning stage presence. Girls Training 1 and Boys Training 1 do not have a placement audition. All of the other training department choirs have a simple audition to place entry level singers in the right choir for their voice maturity.


In the Training Department, there are four groups for girls and two for boys and each teaches the basics of singing and music theory at a pace appropriate to age and ability. Our teachers seek a balance between work and play in these groups, providing meaningful performance opportunities and learning challenges while keeping an emphasis on fun. A typical rehearsal begins with group warm-ups tied to the music being taught and whatever aspects of vocal pedagogy are currently being explored. Then, work on specific pieces is punctuated by interludes of instruction in music theory.

Each semester in the Training Department culminates with two performances. Some of the choirs also perform at community events such as Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, parades, and farmers’ markets.

Training Department singers are encouraged to attend Camp Joyful Voices, which is held for one week in early August each summer.  We've made an art out of introducing youngsters to the joys of sleep-away music camp, and know just how to keep homesickness at bay -  sing, make friends, and have fun!

All TD choirs sing in the Fall Training Department Recitals in early December, the Winter Concert in late January, the Spring Training Department Recitals in May, and the Spring Sing! at the end of May or beginning of June. There are one or two additional orchestral collaborations or workshop opportunities for individual groups throughout the season.

 Performing Department

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 For Grades 5 and Up, the Performing Department challenges the student further through  advanced music theory, ear training, and sight singing, along with foreign language diction, healthy vocal technique, resonance, breathing, vowel formation, performance, and storytelling.

The four Performing Department choirs - Concert Choir, Ensemble, Ecco, and Ancora - represent the pinnacle of children’s choral training and performance. The singers in these groups have studied music for several years, and are admitted into the groups by audition. In Performing Choirs, promising young singers reach new heights of personal expression; their relationship with music deepens and gains new subtlety. Singers begin to form their own musical personalities and identities, and they make deep, lifelong bonds with like-minded friends. They become proud ambassadors of the Choir through local performances, professional collaborations, and on tour at international competitions and festivals.

All Performing Department choirs perform in the Candlelight Concert in December, the Winter Concert in late January, the Historical Concert and/or New Music Concert mid-spring, the Spring Sing! in late spring, and the Bon Voyage Concert in June. Additional opportunities such as Jazz and Beyond, the Ancora Recital, collaborations and workshops, and/or working with a living composer on a new work are often undertaken by individual choirs throughout the season.


International touring and competition has been a centerpiece of the Choir's program since 1984. We believe that choir tours provide an unparalleled opportunity for young people to learn about themselves and broaden and deepen the world. Since its founding, choir groups representing the Choir have toured and performed throughout 13 states and 26 foreign countries, participating in nineteen choral competitions in Europe, Asia, and North America and bringing home twenty-five awards, including Gold Medals and Grand Prizes. Tour destinations are selected primarily on the basis of their potential for providing enriching musical experiences and secondarily for their cultural and geographical interest. While on tour, singers may participate in music festivals, community concerts, and cultural and recreational activities, and have been selected to perform for the most discerning audiences.