Our mission is to advance the choral arts through education, performance, and collaboration at the highest artistic level, fostering individual development and international relationships. The Choir is both an educational institution and an arts organization. The two are inextricably linked and intertwined. We believe that music is beneficial for children, and that choral singing is a deeply wholesome, invigorating, enriching practice. 

Singing is a deeply personal way to make music. There are no keys to tap or string to pluck — you have to find your way with your ear and your mind. There is text to understand and communicate to your audience. Your very breath makes the sound. We supply young minds with the knowledge and the tools to delve into themselves and find the music within. They are brought together by their common love of music, from all over the Bay Area, and form a community of young artists.

A study of music has numerous outside benefits - higher test scores, better language and literature comprehension, greater ease in navigating mathematics and sciences, deeper analytical skills, as well as more focus, attention, and drive. Musicians learn perseverance, commitment, and the rewards of a job well done. Choral singers learn teamwork, communication, and how to be a part of something larger than themselves. In short, music supports and enhances all other aspects of a child’s education.

Our singers light up with happiness when they sing; they become devoted musicians because singing feeds their souls. They tell us it’s who they are, and a fundamental requirement for happiness. And we believe that they are best served with interesting, challenging music, because they become intrepid thinkers and bold musicians.