Performance Department Tuition

Thank you for your interest in the choirs!

In addition to a dedicated Conductor, each Kinder and Training Department class has a High School level Teaching Assistant. There are accompanists for all Training Department Classes. BT1 and GT2 and up classes include visits from a vocal pedagogy specialist and a music theory coach. The purchase of a uniform from a designated vendor will be an additional cost.

Payment Schedules:

We offer three standard payment plans.

Plan A: Pay year in full prior to the first class.

Plan B: Two equal payments: August 15 / January 15 ($35 service fee included)

Plan C: 10 monthly payments (August - May). Year commitment required. ($55 service fee included)

Camp Payment: Paid in full or two equal payments: May 15 / June 15 (no service fee)

Late Fees:
A $35 late fee will be applied to late payments over 15 days

The Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir Scholarship Fund provides financial support to young singers and their families for the purpose of helping these young musicians participate in choir activities that might not be an option for economic reasons.

Scholarships are need-based and are funded partly through our annual appeal, fundraising events, grants and private donations.

Due Date for Scholarship applications:
August 15th As requests for scholarships greatly exceed our resources, parents must meet all filing requirements and deadlines for consideration. Scholarship applications received after August 15th may still be considered. Click here to apply.

Fee Schedule and Breakdown (click to enlarge):