Martin Hodge


Martin Hodge is originally from Durban, South Africa, Martin grew up in Metro Detroit with British Parents. He studied Business Administration and Spanish at Oakland Community College and then at Wayne State University where he also got his Masters Degree in Spanish Literature and Linguistics. During this time, he visited South America and also learned Portuguese. Martin moved to Oakland after a few visits with his long lost cousin who had emigrated from the United Kingdom as a child. While teaching Advanced English Grammar and the TOEFL Test at a language School in San Francisco, Martin began studying Accounting at Berkeley Extension. After graduating, Martin transitioned into the Accounting field and found his way to the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir in the fall on 2015.  

While he was teaching at the language school, he became interested in Mandarin Chinese, which he now studies daily. Martin does not come without a musical background. He played tenor saxophone and studied music theory for his own enjoyment. When Martin attends concerts, he really understands how much hard work goes into making a great performance. One of his favorite Chinese proverbs is directly linked to this appreciation:


“One minute on the stage is ten years’ effort off the stage”

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